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We are looking for individuals and groups with a passion for conserving Philippine history and culture for all, especially that which is embodied in and symbolized by our built heritage.  We seek those who believe that true development for the country must be rooted and anchored in our identity as a people.


There are many ways of defining heritage, but we are guided by that provided by the Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 (Republic Act No. 10066) which defines "Cultural Heritage" as "the totality of cultural property preserved and developed through time and passed on to posterity".  

We in the Heritage Conservation Society are particularly interested in "Built Heritage", which refers "to architectural and engineering structures such as, but not limited to, bridges, government buildings, houses of ancestry, traditional dwellings, quartels, train stations, lighthouses, small ports, educational, technological and industrial complexes, and their settings, and landscapes with notable historical and cultural significance."

Lastly, "conservation" entails "all the processes and measures of maintaining the cultural significance of a cultural property including, but not limited to, preservation, restoration, reconstruction, protection, adaptation or any combination thereof."


The Heritage Conservation Society (HCS) rejects plans by Mayor Joseph Estrada and Industrialist Enrique Razon to demolish and convert the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex into a mall. 


The Heritage Conservation Society (HCS) is a non-stock, non-profit organization advocating the protection and preservation of our built heritage, cultural and historical sites and settings, upholding the Philippine Constitution that heritage and culture should be developed and preserved for national identity.

HCS is the prime mover and advocate for the preservation of Philippine built heritage, through advocacy and volunteerism, project implementation, education and information, to contribute toward the establishment of a Society that preserves and values its cultural heritage. 

Heritage Conservation Society

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