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HCS Hosts HOCUS Friars and Tierra Firma X Balangay Expedition Lecture

The Heritage Conservation Society (HCS) together with the National Museum (NM), last May 15, 2017, hosted the first HOCUS Lecture entitled Tierra Firma X Balangay Expedition.

Among the speakers were:

Atty. Saul Hofileña, one of the artists of the said exhibition, who talked about Tierra Firma; and USec. Art Valdez, Expedition Leader of Voyage of the Balangay: The Journey to the Middle Kingdom who discussed their aim in retracing the first travel of Sultan of Sulu to China, 600 years ago and the importance of instilling a sense of nationalism through their advocacy.

HOCUS Lectures is a series of talks in conjunction with the “Hocus: The Hofileña & Custodio Paintings”, an exhibit curated by the Society’s Chairperson-Emerita, Ms. Gemma Cruz-Araneta.

The exhibit will run from April 18, 2017, to October 29, 2017.

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